The Crayne Twins

Crayne twins
Charles and Adam – 6 months

We are the Crayne twins, Charles and Adam. We are very active toddlers with an adventurous mom and dad who take us on all kinds of adventures and activities.  Seriously, we get cranky and bored when we are not active and out in the greater world exploring.

We encourage family and friends to celebrate our milestones with the gift of college savings and investments in lieu of traditional gifts. While we love brightly colored solid wood toys (hint hint) that we can pound on to help us fine-tune our motor-skills, mom and dad have set up several options: we each have a 529 account, Treasury accounts (for savings bonds and t-bills) and a regular savings/checking account (linked through a Paypal).  The contribution instructions are listed below.  

529 contributions: go to this link and enter the Gift code.
Charles u-gift code: 28J-C3D
or with this link
Adams gift code: Q76-B0F
or with this link

Gift of US Treasury Bills and Savings Bonds through our Treasury accounts, here are a couple of links that will tell you how.  You will need to contact our dad for details, or use Paypal and dad will add will buy it.

Paypal/Savings:  Or you can contribute to our bank accounts (linked through a Paypal account) our mom and carefully saves it for us so it continues to earn for us while we grow. 

While we are very young and small (not for long) we are very excited about traveling and seeing new places, spending time outdoors is one of our favorite things to do.  We like to hike in the mountains and on trails in the local area. We really enjoy going to the lake and watching our big brown dog swim and jump in the water.  We wish we could join her but the water is too cold, so mom and dad take us to the swimming pool where we get to swim and play in the water. 

Our mom and dad are both very creative and whenever possible we go to museums, galleries, and festivals.  The first museum we ever went to was the Museum Of Glass in Tacoma, we had a great time but we were only 2 months old and slept through most of it.   Most importantly, we go to church almost every Sunday and when time permits we try and participate in activities with people from church.  Almost always after an outing, whether it is outdoors or museum or church, we will go out to eat!  Eating is definitely a favorite, and trying new foods is always fun and an adventure.  

Since our parents are creative people they like to make things, you can expect to see the artwork, crafts and all kinds of projects they make for us and about us here on this page.