Aaron Crayne

Aaron is a husband, father, artist (painter), and is an Officer in the US Army.  He is a realist painter who primarily works from direct observation and interaction with his subjects.  Through a bold use of color, light, and a painterly surface he captures the wonder and glory in the world around us. Aaron’s work has been exhibited nationally in numerous solo and group exhibitions. 

Aaron draws upon a wide variety of experiences to influence his choice in subjects and in creating his paintings.  In addition to their military experience, Aaron and his family are avid travelers, outdoorsmen, hikers, campers, and enjoy spending time in the outdoors.  He has a varied work experience: everything from working at the Smithsonian Institute at the National Museum of the American Indian, the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum,  a painting, and drawing instructor, for nearly 10 years he and his dad had a carpentry and construction business.

Aaron’s portfolio and information are being updated and will be back online soon. You can tell from the random images, links, and posts listed below. Please keep checking back or use the contact form above (mailing list is coming soon – sooner then Aaron’s new site, good question).