Single Mom in Honduras Entrepreneurship Project!

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I got motivated for a good reason.

We started Princess Orchid back in 2015 in promoting positive imagery and positive thinking for young girls. But, from the beginning of our creations, we also wanted to be a responsible business to society. We want to be part of the economy responsibly and to bring commerce worldwide—our primary focus is to work with other small businesses in the USA and worldwide.

We have also been donating to organizations that help women by donating products and money to organizations like “Safe Harbor,” a family support trauma intervention and training program. Princess Orchid for Girls has also contributed to “My Friend’s Place” for homeless teens and “Sails Outlet Thrift Store” for a safe harbor crisis nursery in Washington State.

Now I have been helping a single Mom from Honduras living in Honduras looking to be self-sufficient by starting their own business. I am considering starting a non-profit organization to begin donating to women in Honduras would like to start a small business.

I have started a funding campaign for Patricia Gomez. A friendship started through food; we belonged to a Honduran food group on Facebook where you share recipes of Honduran dishes. When the first hurricane hit Honduras in 2021, I was concerned for the people. I reached out to Patricia Gomez to find out how they were and found out the catastrophic flooding to their homes. I helped Patricia Gomez.

Now I started the “Single Mom in Honduras Entrepreneurship Project!” to help create her at-home business.

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“Single Moms in Honduras Entrepreneurship Project!”

Single Mom from and living in Honduras wants to be independent and self-sufficient. Therefore Patricia Gomez strives to buy a washer and dryer to begin her washing and folding laundry services. Her small home business will allow her to make an income and take care of her children.

This year, Honduras has had two hurricanes that have caused catastrophic flooding, severe damage to homes, and difficult recovery for these impoverished communities. Honduras suffers from gang violence, making it one of the murder capitals of the world, coming in second this year. Organized crime, like famous known gangs like MS-13, one of the deadliest mafias in the Americas, drug and human trafficking, has provoked mass migration to the USA, thinking this will solve their problems. It has been challenging for Honduras to recover from its economic crisis as the victim of COVID and COVID lockdowns. Many kids are forced to stay home to study online but are so poor they cannot afford the internet or computers.

Patricia Gomez’s home during the flood.

I help women like Patricia Gomez because I believe in helping families in becoming self-sufficient. I have decided to make it into a fundraiser because every bit of money from many turns into more money.

Our Goal is $1000.00, so we can buy her a washer and dryer; this way, she can wash and fold for patrons who work away from home. We need to help and support women like Patricia Gomez in self-sufficiency as an example in her community that hard work pays off.

Women like Patricia love their families and homes and want to remain in Honduras to achieve a better life. I have personally been helping Patricia Gomez; she tells me how much she loves her children and hopes to start a business and rebuild a better life in Honduras.

I admire Patricia Gomez in her tenacity, resiliency and perseverance; after all she has been going through, she still believes in her community and wants to keep improving herself.

Please donate. Every bit helps. We are trying to raise some money to buy a washer and dryer for Patricia’s business.

Patricia Gomez’s home and where she plans to place her washer and dryer.

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