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KarlaI am not going to sit here and write to you on how -I am an artist or a designer like everybody else who would like to think they are the next Picasso or Versace and how they heal or change the world with art. Well I’m not.
I am a simple girl that come from a Honduran immigrant family. My family came to this country, like a lot of us who come to this country, with hopes for a better life. Knowing the way of life in the old country (Honduras) has given me a different perspective in life. Making the most of little. Their struggles and hard work were not thrown to the wind and forgotten.
Born in the summer of 1977 in New Orleans, Louisiana and raised on the east coast has made me who I am now. My parents and I lived in a small Cuban and latin community in a New Jersey town right across the Hudson River from New York City called West New York. Since I can remember I was a quiet kid who kept to myself with my imagination and drawing. I would observe everyone and everything, sometimes a little to much which would always get me into trouble. I would always be watching Sci Fi, action and horror movies or observing my sister practice her ballet or her and her friends dancing free style. I was the annoying little sister who would borrow my sisters “New Wave” clothes, music tapes of Depeche Mode, The Cure, Cover Girls, Lisa Lisa and the Clut Jam.
As I grew older the streets of my neighborhood are what I observed next. I watched my latino neighbors dance to the music of Celia Cruz to Rob Base and D.J. E-Z Rock. I watched the boys playing basketball and smoking weed. Old Cuban ladies conducting their annual parade of the Virgin Mary. As I got older I would sneak into house parties and watch all kids dance to M/A/R/R/S pump up the volume, Public Enemy and J. J.Fad . Later meeting my life time friends, we were one of the first to follow the “club kids” culture scene in New York City. My friends and I would dress in the most wildest costumes we could imagine and go dancing at the Limelight and Webster Hall, while listening to all our House music favorites. Then out of the blue my parents decided to pack up our bags in the family car and move to Florida. In the few years I lived down south I meet the most beautiful and loving people in my life which I hold close to my heart forever.
My memories of family and friends have pushed and influenced me to compose a future with my talent in drawing. I started my college education at Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the spring of 2000. In the spring of 2001 I moved back to New York City to expand my work experience.
I now work in the fashion industry with the top designers like Betsey Johnson and Anna Sui. I have found my nitch in designing for men’s and boy’s wear gaining as much experience and knowledge as I can. Future plans include acquiring an MBA and the further development of my drawing skills.

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