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Recent and Upcoming Changes

By Aaron • January 16th, 2007

As you may have noticed there have been some recent changes that were made.
There are multiple portfolios, projects etc that are all located here. Most of the changes so far have been small and behind the scenes, these are all progressing slowly to a complete restructure of our website. We are making things look pretty, easier to find our portfolios, make it easier for us to keep you updated with our new work and projects. Things will slowly keep happening, but every once in a while there will be some big jumps, all of this will will be finished over the next couple of months.

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Paintbox is now a WordPress site

By Aaron • May 15th, 2005

The latest and greatest version of is now up and running.  We have converted portions of our previous versions, dumped some portions, and still still transfering other stuff over.  We have used blogging software called WordPress to power our site.  Its cool, we love it.  We can do more with our site, take on projects, create things and have the freedom to blab away about everything and nothing endlessly.

 As you may notice, we are placing more emphasis and focus on the artists, artwork and the many many projects that we are constantly involved in. 

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Aaron Crayne, launch of new website / portfolio

By Administrator • May 15th, 2005

This weekend the new portfolio / website of Aaron Crayne has been gone live. It is now up and operating. Aaron is busy working on new paintings and artwork that we are anxiously waiting to see.

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Tea Forum launched

By Administrator • May 15th, 2005

thumb-teaforum.jpgTic Talk Tea, the community forum website of Tic Toc Tea has recently opened. The community forum is one part of a multi-domain tea related network.

Tea Forum <–Community forum on Tea, this is one part of a tea business that we are working on. Recently finished it is up and running.

Tic Toc Tea (our Tea Store) <– This will be our online tea store. It is still in progress hence the page holder, currently we are about 2/3 complete. Our aim is to have the experience as simple as possible. Categories and products easy to find and identify, links, information as much as possible easily available without clutter.

Tea Info <– and this is another Tea site, it will be done after the store is finished, and will be a knowledge base about tea, herbs, and tea realted stuff.

We have a couple of other tea related sites websites that are in the works. One that will make all of the imagery available that we have taken for the tea websites, we also have a Wiki Tea site in the planning stages. To add comments and suggestions, please come by the Tic Talk Tea forum and post whats on your mind.


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New online portfolio / website for Karla Madariaga 10-24-03

By Administrator • October 24th, 2003

Karla Madariaga has a new portfolio / website here at Her website features fashion and apparel designs for boys, men, girls, and women. There is a wide variety of work from prints and graphics to complete outfits and individual garments. Her portfolio shows lots of innovative and cutting edge designs. The website is straight forward, has lots of graphics and is entertaining and more importantly informative. As a designer Karla is ahead of the curve. She has the ability to see trends before they happen with an uncanny precision and accuracy. The designs are not only contemporary but will undoubtedly become classics in there own right.

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