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Evelyn Nagley Memorial Award

By Aaron • April 29th, 2008

One of my paintings at the Allied Arts exhibition has won the Evelyn Nagley Memorial Award.

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New painting trip

By Aaron • March 13th, 2008

Lets start by stating a general update of the last six months. As some of you may know we are now on the west coast living in Seattle. We had a good offer in Seattle so we took the opportunity and moved out west. For Karla it is a move to a new area, one that will hopefully become home. For me, it is a move back home, not the Seattle are as home, but the Pacific Northwest is home. Over the last little bit of fall and this winter we have been digging, moving into new apartments, starting new work, working on art projects, grants and exhibition opportunities.

I am now in Eastern Washington on a painting trip, with the hopes of getting a good start on new work, sketches, water color paintings and oil paintings. I am also doing some video and photo work on a documentary project. Hopefully this will be a fun filled week and half. I got here a couple of days ago on Monday night.

Yesterday was spent getting materials and supplies gathered and running a few errands around my home town. Plus it was very windy here in the area, it had rained Monday night and anybody familiar with the Tri-Cities knows that after it rains the wind blows, and it was very windy yesterday. Windy to the point that even with 20- 30 lbs of weights added to the back of my easel it still takes off like a kite. So it was good that I had errands to do.

Today, I spent all morning and part of the afternoon near Jump Off Joe (on the hills behind Kennewick) where the windmills are. I did a few sketches and a couple of water colors (see my next post for a picture of one of the sketches). I was starting to set up to paint, but my French easel broke and I left the other easel back where I am staying. So I returned and spent the other half of the afternoon fixing the easel. So tomorrow morning I am going to head back out there and try and do some painting. I need to remember my winter coat as well, I forgot to take it with me because the temp. in town is not to bad, but up on the hills in the wind is very cold, there is still snow on the ground up there. An quilted flannel isn’t enough protection from the wind an cold, luckily I had a pair of gloves in my painting bag.

I am also hoping to use this as an opportunity to start a semi-daily posting of paintings, drawings and sketches. Something new each day. Check out the daily tag for posts & updates.

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505 Union Stn

By Aaron • March 3rd, 2008

Starting today, for the next month I have a selection of paintings on display at the Starbucks 505 Union Station in Seattle WA. This small showing is of seven paintings and is my first showing in Seattle.

Drop in a check them out, if you have any comments come back and post them here.

505 Union Stn-01

505 Union Stn-02

505 Union Stn-03

505 Union Stn-05

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Waterbrook gallery exhibition

By Aaron • February 14th, 2008

A link to an announcement from an exhibition that took place about a year ago, March to May of 2007. This link is from the Walla Walla Union Bulletin. The show was at the Waterbrook gallery at the Waterbrook winery in Walla Walla WA (yes, that is the same Walla Walla that Bugs Bunny mentions in his famous line “the wishy washy washing company of Walla Walla Washington”)

The show featured new work that was finished right before the show opened. It also featured some older pieces that were requested because they are landscape of Eastern WA.

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Painting Trip to WA

By Aaron • November 3rd, 2006

The previous week I was in my home town of Pasco, WA doing a weeklong painting sabbatical. Not much of a sabbatical, but I did get some good painting done. I also had a nice visit with family.

I have a show coming up this spring, and I really needed to start some new pieces to be in the show. The show will be in Walla Walla, WA and I wanted to show some new work from the Eastern Washington region. So I went home for a week, I did start oil paintings and some water colors. I don’t want to give to much away, but I will post a couple of in progress images to show some of what I did.

Irrigation Pipes - in progress Framland with orchards - in progress

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pleasant surprise

By Aaron • October 29th, 2006

While in WA I was staying at my parents, I am always pleasantly surprised by a painting I did several years ago. I did this as a demonstration for a Painting course I was teaching at the local community college.

So far the paintings has had a short but interesting life. The painting was a demonstration on the use of a limited pallet, then it hung for a short while on the wall of my studio. After it was there for a couple of months I gave the painting to my Great Aunt, Annie. She was nearly 90 when I gave her the painting. It is a painting of my cat at the time, Fritti. Annie was very fond off Fritti, and called him “The Boy”. She had the painting in her room for a couple of years, until her accident and then she had to go to an assisted living facility. She was unable to take the picture with her.

Now the picture is hanging in my mothers house, actually it is in the bathroom.


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Church Vandalism and Arson

By Aaron • October 27th, 2006

Right now I am in Washington State on a painting trip. Several years ago I painted a Water Color painting of a local church, and the painting was given to the paster of that church. Recently the church was broken into computers and checks and other things were stolen and a fire intentionally started. The think the fire was set by the thief (thieves) to cover the evidence. The painting was hanging in the church office where the fire occurred. Fortunately the fire was contained to the one office and the rest of the church sustained minor damage. With the exception of smoke and smell.

The painting did sustain some damage in the fire, so I picked it up from the church to see what I could do with it. The painting did not receive direct fire or water damage, but there is substantial smoke damage, and probably heat problems (I am only guessing, will find this out when I take the painting out of the frame and mat). The painting was given back to me, still in its frame, and it is all wrapped in a plastic bag. There is heavy soot, and smoke damage to the glass and frame (it got so hot that the glass broke). I have no intention on saving the frame or matting.

Damage church painting
This is utterly ridiculous. What would prompt someone to rob a church and then set it on fire. Especially when the church is rather noted for its community outreach and services. Appalling.


I have removed the painting from the frame, and I took pictures all along the way. I think the painting is not repairable. After I removing the framing and matting, as you will see in the upper right corner, there is heavy discoloration that is where the glass broke from the heat. The painting was so hot that it almost ignited, it also caused discoloration on the reverse. There is discoloration over most of the painting, and the paper feels like it has become brittle. There is probably very little I can do, or what can be done. I have attached some photos.

Damage church painting #2 Damage church painting #3

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NYC Cherry Blossoms, Central Park, April – May 2005

By Administrator • May 15th, 2005

Recently I have been working in Central Park, NYC capturing the Cherry trees. I have been working with the trees as they go through their bloom cycle. cherry blossomsThe types of trees and the arrangments when planted, near the reservoir towards the north end of the park, allow for a sequential display. The trees are arranged where those on the east side reservoir bloomed first, then as their cycle was nearing its end, the trees on the north and west side of the reservoir were just starting theirs. This has given me the opportunity to work with this subject for a little over a month. (more…)

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