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By Aaron • February 26th, 2008

I thought I would share a little insight into a few of the books and research materials that are on the top of our needs (in some cases want) to acquire.

Chumble Spuzz: Kill the Devil <– supporting a local artist, plus the best new gn/comic in well damn near ever. As soon as I get it I will review it.

Salome <– research for an upcoming project.

Patterns: New Surface Design <– research for in progress project.

The Deep: The Extraordinary Creatures of the Abyss <– research for in progress project.

The Apologetics Study Bible: Understand Why You Believe (Apologetics Bible) <– I need a good study Bible, and this just looks real interesting.

The ScofieldRG Study Bible III, NKJV <– I need a good study Bible.

Alberto Vargas: Works from the Max Vargas Collection <– research for in progress projects.

My Wish List
shameless plug of my wish list.

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